The Digital Deviant’s Tour

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The Digital Deviant’s Tour:  Cervini in conversation with RuPaul All-Star, Drag Queen Ongina!

Eric Cervini, self-avowed “Author, Historian, and Homosexual”, was faced with the pandemic-caused cancellation of the publisher’s book tour to promote his bestselling history “The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs The United States of America”. With no more events inside bookstores, face masks, and social distancing—this was now the end of a long-planned roll-out of the book that took Cervini more than five years of his life to research, write and publish. Born of this disaster, out of necessity and passion, Cervini organized the incredible “Digital Deviant’s Tour”—“Supporting LGBTQ+ history, independent bookshops, and local non-profits”.

This historic eighteen-city virtual book tour was not about Cervini giving the old-time “author talk”.  Rather, it became a series of conversations between Cervini and special guests, coast to coast, from drag queens like the dazzling Ongina— now in her fifth season on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars— to historians like Charles Kaiser and activist historian Sarah Schulman; screenwriter Dustin Lance Black; and the charismatic, openly gay Pennsylvania State Representative Brian K. Sims.

The Cervini/Ongina conversation, one of our favorites from the Deviant’s Tour, ranges from “The Deviant’s War” to Ongina’s views on LGBTQ history and more.

Order the book here.  Check out Cervini/Ongina on LGBTQ history here.