MSDC in the New York Times

Nicolosi’s death comes at a precarious time for the ex-gay movement. Most of its once-formidable organizations (including Exodus International, Love Won Out and Jonah) have closed, and several former ex-gay leaders have apologized and accepted a gay identity. Still, gay men desperate to change — and parents desperate to change their children — aren’t without options. Only nine states and the District of Columbia ban conversion therapy for minors, and most people who practice it these days operate below the radar of state regulators. Charles Francis, the president of the Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C., an L.G.B.T. history society, warns that the ex-gay movement is quietly rebranding itself. “Nicolosi is horse and buggy compared to what’s coming our way with conversion therapy under cover of the First Amendment and religious liberty,” Francis predicts.

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