Jan Krc donates his papers to the Library of Congress

Krc represented by Frank Kameny over nine years of litigation fighting Krc’s dismissal as a homosexual from U.S. Foreign Service

When U.S. Foreign Service Officer Jan Krc (pronounced Kirch) was fired in 1984 by the USIA, where else could he turn for help but to Dr. Franklin E. Kameny ? Of course, Frank Kameny urged Krc to fight bringing in the ACLU and the law firm Covington & Burling to represent him over many years of grievance board hearings and litigation.

The Mattachine Society of Washington, DC has confirmed that Krc last year donated his papers that document the relationship with Kameny and his years of litigation to the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, which holds the Kameny Papers Archive.

“We had the thrill of reviewing Krc’s papers last year at his apartment when they were still in storage boxes,” said Charles Francis, President of the Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. “ Jan Krc saved everything, including his original cables and letter of termination to the voluminous depositions and court documents dealing with his firing under the old Eisenhower security order. Krc’s donation will add tremendous texture to the Kameny papers, as well as document how the ACLU and pro bono legal counsel such as attorneys at Covington & Burling were one’s only recourse when the federal government could easily crush LGBT Foreign Service Officers or any federal employee identified as a homosexual security risk.,” Francis said.