Queering St. Elizabeths

We were thrilled this year to be contacted by Texas artist Wes Holloway about his interest in our archive activism on St. Elizabeths Hospital (for the Insane) in Washington, D.C. Passionate about “equity in healthcare, presentation of disability and LGBTQ+ cultural preservation and celebration,” Wes wanted to share with us his new “zine” and short film drawing from our historical research on St. Elizabeths! Having recently completed his MFA at the Corcoran School of Arts and Design at George Washington University, Wes lifts our research on the horrors of St. Elizabeths to a whole new plain of understanding and empathy. His “zine” is entitled “Queering the Medical Model.” Indeed, his zine and film queers St. Elizabeths!

“St. Elizabeths Hospital Short Film” by Wes Holloway, featuring original research and interviews with Mattachine.