Mattachine is Cured Documentary Fiscal Sponsor

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“Victory !!!!  We have been cured!”

Dr. Franklin E. Kameny, memorandum to his supporters, December, 1973

“Cured”, the new documentary film produced and directed by Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer, powerfully tells the story of gay and lesbian activists’ stand against the American Psychiatric Association and its listing of homosexuality as a “mental illness”.

Sammon and Singer had the vision and ability to track and film the living witnesses and players—men and women well into their eighties willing to tell their long forgotten stories. Indeed, since filming for “Cured” commenced two of the interviewees have passed, activist Ron Gold, age 86; and Richard Green, 82, the first straight psychiatrist to advocate removing homosexuality from the psychiatrists’ list of mental illness. “Discovering” and interviewing these invisible heroes, people who helped free millions from the diagnosis of “mental illness”, will be an enduring legacy of this film.

“ ‘Cured’  is probably the best LGBT documentary of the year”, writes Brian Bromberger in the “Bay Area Reporter”; “striking” is how the film is described by “USA Today”.

“Serving as Fiscal Sponsor of “Cured” has been a special project for us at the Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. (MSWDC) since Frank Kameny played such a central role in removing the yoke of psychiatry’s ‘mental illness’ designation from the backs of LGBT Americans”, said Pate Felts, Treasurer of the MSWDC.

The film was first screened this summer at the OUTFEST Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival. The film will eventually be broadcast nationwide on PBS. Cured will reach millions of viewers in the U.S. and abroad through national and international film festivals and screenings. To learn more about the upcoming screenings, visit

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